Debt Recovery

Whether you are owed money or someone is claiming you owe them money, it is in your best interests to resolve the matter quickly and without fuss. Our lawyers at Wollongong Legal can help you throughout the process of debt recovery.

When you are owed money

Business can be severely hampered by debtors. Let us assist you with:

  • Demanding payment and liaising with the debtor on your behalf
  • Instituting proceedings against debtors
  • Responding to counterclaims
  • Guidance on avoiding counterclaims related to misleading or deceptive conduct
  • Providing assistance to enforce legal judgments including garnishee orders, writs for the levy of property, and bankruptcy.

When you owe someone money

Our lawyers will provide you with advice and representation to help you deal with claims of debt before they get out of hand. We will assist you with:

  • Responding to letters of demand
  • Lodging a defence or counterclaim if court proceedings have been initiated against you
  • Providing advice about time limitations for legal responses and options
  • If judgement is entered against you and you are experiencing severe financial hardship, we can provide guidance on legal options including lodging notice of motion to pay by instalment

Which court?

Check which court your claim or debt proceedings will be heard in if the matter goes to court.

  • up to and including $10 000 Small Claims Division of the Local Court
  • $10 000 – $100 000 General Division of the Local Court
  • Over $100 000 District Court or the Supreme Court.


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