Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offence can be a daunting experience, and can have serious repercussions. At Wollongong Legal our lawyers have the expertise to advise you from the time of your arrest and prior to your first appearance in Court and make sure you know what to expect.
At Wollongong Legal we pride ourselves on keeping our clients well informed at every step of their matter. Our team will thoroughly analyse and prepare your case for court so that we achieve the best possible outcome for you. Going to court can be a confusing and overwhelming process and our lawyers will help guide you through your proceedings and keep you fully informed of your court dates and all developments in your case. Our lawyers know how to best present your case at court and constantly monitor each court appearance to continually improve our approach in the future.
Our Lawyers appear regularly in court and are up to date with constant changes to the criminal law.
We cover the following areas of criminal law:

  • Police arrest and interview;
  • Search warrants
  • Bail Applications
  • Sentence & Hearings in the Children’s/Local Court
  • Local Court Committal Hearings
  • Sentence & Trial in the District and Supreme Court
  • Appeals to the District, Supreme and High Court
  • NSW and Australian Crime Commission Hearings, and
  • State Parole Authority.