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Buying or leasing property, whether it be for residential, commercial or industrial purposes, can be a daunting process fettered with many pitfalls. Property Law can be intimidating. For most people, this will be one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Getting the right advice early is necessary to achieve a successful result.

We have qualified conveyancers and experienced property lawyers available to help answer these questions and to assist you with:

  • Fully understanding the process of purchasing or selling property in New South Wales.
  • Communicating with you regularly throughout the transaction
  • Give you detailed advice regarding your Contract for Sale
  • Provide information about costs, including stamp duty
  • Advising you on legal consequences, such as cooling off period
  • Negotiating terms and conditions for Commercial and Retail Leases:
  • Advise and assist you in meeting lender requirements
  • Helping you with settlement and providing detailed settlement statements

Our experienced solicitors and conveyancer have identified 10 Frequently Asked Questions among vendors.

  1. What does a solicitor do?
  2. What must a Vendor disclose to a Purchasers?
  3. What options do I have when it comes time to pay a deposit?
  4. What is a cooling off period?
  5. What if the property is damaged after exchange of contracts?
  6. Can I occupy the property before settlement
  7. What if I want to purchase with another person?
  8. When do I connect or disconnect the electricity, telephone and gas?
  9. What Taxes should I be aware of?
  10. What records should I keep?

We have good working relationships with a number of local real estate agents, mortgage brokers and lending institutions that can make this transaction as simple as possible. Call Wollongong Legal today for an appointment on (02) 4225 8611.

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